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Phoenix Aviation is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada and was originally formed in 1989.

Our staff includes qualified airline instructors and check pilots. Their combined experience allows the operator the advantage of having  services tailor made for their specific operation. Training may be located at any base that suits the operator's needs

We are dedicated to the promotion of aviation safety by providing quality, cost effective training and support to the industry. Our services can be provided anywhere in the world and are tailored to satisfy the requirements of your local authority. We continue to work closely with Transport Canada as well as airlines, aviation companies, and regulatory bodies all over the world.

Here's our current team:

  • Captain John Barnes Sr. - Retired from Canadian Airlines in 1992 where he was a check pilot on the DC10 and B737 and instructor on the B744. Previous to commercial aviation, a flight instructor in the RAF on the AVRO Vulcan. President of Phoenix Aviation Resources.

  • Captain John Barnes Jr. - Regulatory Affairs. Training development. Flight Operations documentation. Active line captain CRJ Series (Type Rated DH7, DH8, BAe146). Director of Training for Phoenix Aviation Resources.

  • Captain Robert Tomkow - ACP/AQP Training.  Training and Documentation development. Captain A320 (Type Rated 757,777, A330, A340). Flight Operations Manager for Canadian based airline.

  • Captain Perry Shindruk - AQP Evaluator and Mentor B787. Training Development/Instructional Techniques. Flight Operations Management. B787, A340, A330, A320, DC9.

  • Doug Worden - Regulatory Affairs. Flight Operations documentation. Computer-Based Training production. Retired Transport Canada inspector A320, A330, A340.

  • Nadia Palko - Cabin Safety Specialist, Training and Documentation.

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