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   Dr. Frank E. Dully Jr.

Dr. Frank Dully, a medical doctor, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of human factors in aviation. He is a retired U. S. Navy flight surgeon, Board certified in his specialty of Aerospace Medicine for over 30 years, whose quarter century military career included extensive fleet operational and combat experience on aircraft carriers and with the U. S. Marine Corps.

As Field Associate Professor of Aviation Safety at the University of Southern California after retirement from the Navy, he expanded his horizons to encompass corporate and commercial aviation where he functioned as teacher and consultant. Audiences worldwide have enjoyed his humorous insights in what makes a successful aviator tick, and what makes him or her come unglued, information that has predictive value in avoiding aircraft accidents.

Dr. Dully has graciously authorized the distribution of his research and presentations in order to further enhance aviation safety through the understanding of the pilot psyche and mechanisms involved that contribute to aircraft incidents and accidents.

Dr. Dully, now retired, lives with his wife Becky in the Southern United States.

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