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Last Updated 06 Feb 2023

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Check Pilots

Approved Check Pilot Program (MainPage)

Approved Check Pilot Manual (10th Edition)

PPC and Type Rating Flight Test Guide Aeroplanes Rev 1 June 2017 (700)

PPC and Type Rating Flight Test Guide Helicopters 2nd Ed.Dec 2019 (700)

Approved Check Pilot Manual Bulletins

Application for ACP Delegation (TC)

Scripted PPC Guidance (ACP/AQP Bulletin 04/20)

Transport Canada Documents for External Delegates

ACP Monitor Report Form

NASA/AMES LOS Debriefing Manual

TATC Decisions

Licensing (Canada)

New Application for Endorsement of a Rating - Form 0083 PDF  / TC Link

Authorised Person Policy Manual

Aircraft Type Designators - Aeroplanes

Aircraft Type Designators - Helicopters

ICAO Aircraft Type Designators

Aviation Document Booklet (TC Licensing / Application  Form)

Regulatory Reference (Canada)

CARs Deluxe - Canada’s Premier Computerized Aviation Information Library

Canadian Air Regulations TC site

Canadian Air Regulations DoJ Site

TC Online Reference Centre Regs, Advisory Circulars, Directives, Staff Instructions

Transport Canada Civil Aviation Publications

TC Exemptions Search

CBAACs – Advisory Circulars Prior to 01 Feb 2007

CBA Policy Letters Prior to April 2007

Part 604 (Canada)

Flight Test Guide - Competency Check for Private Operators (604)

Form to use when conducting Competency Checks (604)

Flight Test Guide - Instrument Rating (Aeroplane)

Flight Test Guide - Instrument Rating (Helicopter)

Form to use when conducting IPC (Sample)

Flight Rules Docs (Canada)


Transport Canada AIM


Instrument Procedures (Canada)

TP 308 Change 7 Jan2017 Criteria for the Development of Instrument Procedures

TP 2076 Instrument Procedures Manual

Transportation Safety Board Canada (Aviation)

TSB Aviation Reports

Databases (Canada)

Air Operator Search (Canada) - includes TC file number

Transport Canada and FAA approved simulators - Level and ID numbers

Aircraft Performance

Aeroplane Performance TP12772e PDF

TakeOff Safety - The Go/No-Go Decision (Boeing)

Getting to Grips with Aircraft Performance (Airbus)

Takeoff Performance - Myths and Methods

FSF Approach and Landing Accident Reduction toolkit

Human Performance

NOTECHS: Non-technical skill evaluation in JAR-FCL

Children of the Magenta - Automation Dependency (mp4)

Bluecoat – Avionics Systems and their integration in the modern cockpit


NTSB MainPage

NTSB Hearing Documents - Colgan 3407 Feb 2009  

Reference Libraries

Skybrary - Aviation Safety Knowledge Reference  

Amelia – Embry-Riddle Aviation Resource Library



Maps and Publications (Canada)

NAV Canada Aviation WX


FAA Aviation Support and Regulations


UK CAA Policy and Guidance for Examiners (Doc 24 / Oct2016  

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